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Inside Look: international students being kicked out

The Trump administration pulled back their visa rule this week that required international student to leave the country if they were attending online-only universities. We still wanted to cover this topic on our show because of how it affected our international students. 

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Drexel Update: Drexel Community for Justice

Drexel students Brett Mitchell and Dylan Kaye are speaking up to enact change at the university. Drexel Community for Justice was formed in response to Drexel’s statement regarding the murder of George Floyd.

Drexel Community for Justice Links:

Change. Org Petition: https://www.change.org/drexelcommunityforjustice

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/drexelcommunityforjustice


Drexel Update: A Conversation about race at Drexel

Some black student leaders share their perspective on how Drexel has handled its response to the Black Lives Matter movement and George Floyd’s murder. In this discussion we talked with Kennedy Jackmon, earning her BS in Criminology and Justice Policy and her MS in Urban Strategy, Khalil McFarlane, a recent Drexel graduate who majored Criminology and Justice…, and Jane-janette Ansah, Communications major with a minor in screenwriting and TV production! 

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