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Interview with Brooklyn Leon – Raising Awareness of Sexual Assault at Drexel University

Brooklyn Leon is a Drexel varsity cheerleader and an advocate for sexual assault awareness and victims at Drexel. Having recently come forward with her story, Brooklyn has plans to organize an awareness march and calls for better staffing and handling of these cases at Drexel. Stay tuned to hear more details going forward! You can follow Brooklyn Leon on Instagram @brook.leon.

Interview with Ikey Raw: “Man of the People”

Ava and Ikey Raw, also known as “man of the people”, talk about how Ikey got his start in activism for crime victims in Philadelphia, the recent Fairmount house fire, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and more!

Ikey Raw advocates for and does long-form interviews with victims and families impacted by crime in Philadelphia.

You can follow his content on his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, called Unsolved Murders in Philly here:


Edited by: Olivia Jones
Written by: Ava Kataria
Graphics by: Sara Balsamo Laura Rendon-Garcia Ethan Carhuapoma Samantha McNemar Produced by: Andrew Altricher

Inside Ambition: Does anyone even know who we are??

IA is back with a whole new show! Things may look different, but no need to worry, we’re still bringing you the latest on all things sports, arts, education, Philadelphia, and Drexel!

In this week’s episode, Alexandra George heads out to the Drexel streets and asks our classmates if they even know what IA is? The results were…interesting. Next, Emily McAndrews brings sports back to IA with a recap of our Dragons’ spring season.

Then, we flash back to June with Liv Jone’s coverage of the PHS Flower Shower. We had so much fun, we didn’t want to…leaf ;). Finally, Eva Kraus and Ava Kataria discuss the ISUxUSGA town hall that voiced Drexel’s international students’ concerns over employment with the university.

All new format!

Edited by:
Samantha McNemar
Anoush Kojouri
Liv Jones
Mike Bufalo
Izzy Patrizio

Written by:
Emma McAndrews
Alexandra George
Eva Kraus
Ava Kataria
Cat Brady
Josh Powell
Maria Paula
Mijares Torres

Graphics by:
Sara Balsamo
Laura Rendon-Garcia
Ethan Carhuapoma
Samantha McNemar

Produced by: Cali Metzker
Andrew Altricher

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