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From 10 to 4 (am & pm) DUTV highlights the content produced by our students for their various classes within the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.

4:00 am/pm – Story Time

Storytime at Carver Memorial Library is a half hour monthly children’s show. The show is produced by the Carver Memorial Library in Searsport, Maine and hosted by Library Director Katie Hessler. The program features stories, rhymes, and songs to promote early literacy.

5:00 am/pm – Bridging Heaven & Earth

The Bridging International Healing Art Project is, simply: “a world-wide energy amplifying process using art and the collective energies of many…..basically it is that each artist produces an all-new (so it is fresh, spontaneous and NOW) work of art (painting, sculpture, collage….anything that comes through them) based on the theme ” Bridging Heaven & Earth “….the collective energies of so many unbelievable, creative, people, from all over the world thinking, meditating on, and manifesting “Bridging Heaven & Earth ” will be huge……

6:00 am/pm – Turning the Wheel

“Turning of the Wheel” is a television show about astrology, art, and spiritual adventure, with nationally-recognized astrologer, Chris Flisher. This show offers a wide array of astrological topics and stretches into art, and spirituality and the inter-connections of all of these themes. The show features interesting topics, educational segments, and progressive discussions about astrology, the arts, and metaphysics. The goal of the show is to provide a platform for progressive topics that help to provide alternate methods for coping with change. “As the great wheel turns, we are best prepared when we are best informed.”

7:00 am/pm – Story Time Community

Children ages 3-5 and their caregivers are invited to participate in an interactive program that incorporates age appropriate books, songs, and movement to nurture pre-reading skills.

8:00 am/pm – Better World Films

Better World Films is an eclectic assortment of films that are for nurturing a better world for everyone.

Interviews of people with all sorts of nurturing perspectives. Nature – Salmon Back Home, trail walks, songs and stories of hiking in nature. Stories for a better world. Draft horses planting organic corn.

9:00 am/pm – Eat Well Be Happy

Eat Well Be Happy” is a cooking show aimed at bringing back the pleasures of the table with fresh, seasonal, colorful ingredients (organic when possible). Recipes are simple, but the results make folks swoon with delight. Eat Well Be Happy will make you pick up that spoon, will make you explore community through food!