Peak Moments 4:00

Tour a permaculture backyard garden. Visit a tiny home. In each episode of Peak Moment TV, Janaia Donaldson hosts practical grassroots entrepreneurs who are exploring locally reliant lifestyles to meet these challenging times. Peak Moment TV is cross-pollinating the most challenging shift in human history – an energy transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable living.

Topics include local food production, permaculture, sharing, renewable energy, building community, natural building, and economic, psychological, and personal resilience.


SciFi Journal 5:00

Sci-Fi Journal is an award-winning Rhode Island public access cable TV show covering many aspects of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Sci-Fi Journal won the Best Magazine-Format/News program for 2012 at the RI PEG Awards on November 16, 2012, and was also nominated in the Best Edited Segment category.

Frequent segments include news and trailers for movies, television shows, video games, as well as news on Blu-ray/DVD releases, Anime, Gaming, Comics, and Collectibles, as well as reporting from events such as conventions, and other local happenings. Plus, there are interviews with favorite authors, artists, publishers, convention coverage, round-table discussions, and cool Internet movies, movie trailers, and more.


Turning The Wheel 6:00

“Turning of the Wheel” is a bi-weekly 30-minute television show about astrology, art, and spiritual adventure, with the nationally-recognized astrologer, Chris Flisher. This show offers a wide array of astrological topics and stretches into art, and spirituality and the inter-connections of all of these themes. The show features interesting topics, educational segments, and progressive discussions about astrology, the arts, and metaphysics. The goal of the show is to provide a platform for progressive topics that help to provide alternate methods for coping with change. “As the great wheel turns, we are best prepared when we are best informed.”


Sudzin Country 7:00

“Sudzin Country” is country and bluegrass music interview shows with a song or two by the artist.


The Garage 8:00

Steve Butler is an artist and furniture maker with more than 20 years experience in the field. In his garage workshop, he’ll share with you the way to make fun, funky projects without having all the fancy expensive shop tools of the other shows. Anything from fine furniture to cool, artsy objects are what he’s making. The Garage is a how-to show unlike any other.


Weathering Weather 9:00

The “Weathering the Weather with Ed” educational show discusses general meteorology topics, in a fun and entertaining way. Host Ed Cohen has two degrees in meteorology, which means that the information is factual. Humor is employed in order to keep the attention of the viewers.


Story Time 9:30

Children ages 3-5 and their caregivers are invited to participate in an interactive program that incorporates age-appropriate books, songs, and movement to nurture pre-reading skills.