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From 10 to 4 (am & pm) DUTV highlights the content produced by our students for their various classes within the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.

4:00 am/pm – Able Vision 30

Our national award-winning TV program created and produced entirely by people with disabilities. Since Ablevision is scripted, shot and hosted by people with disabilities, each episode is itself a work of art! Our mission is to educate and empower our viewers through stories of inspiration and ability. Our crew produces the show from start to finish from scripting the episodes, to operating the camera, to hosting the show.

4:30am/pm – Adventure Never Stops

The Rali and Rick Show is an informative and entertaining reality show where Adventure Never Stops. The episodes are shot on the fly and unscripted to keep it exciting and fun for the whole family. There is no specific story line. In each episode Rali experiences a different activity she’s never done before, and we show you how she takes on each challenge. Along the way Rali collects historical and educational tidbits related to the encounter. Although, most of the activities take place outdoors, we make sure Rali is in the safest environment possible and is always treated with a great amount of respect.

Most of the time Rick is behind the camera and he captures the action as it takes place. However, at times, Rali talks to him and there are witty jokes thrown between the two of them. Rick is there for support and encouragement.

5:00 am/pm – Off the Shelf

Host Veronica Andrews interviews local, national and international authors about their latest books. Veronica’s personable interview style creates rapport with the author while drawing the audience into the conversation with provocative, out-of-the-box interview questions.

5:30am/pm – Road Warrior

The show features the latest in automotive news. Host by automotive journalist Grant Roberson, it features the latest vehicles and trends in the industry.

6:00 am/pm – Bookmarks

Bookmarks” puts the standard book review into a half-hour video format. We invite the author of a recently published nonfiction book or the producer of a recently released documentary to appear on the show to be interviewed by a reviewer who disagrees with the premise of the book/documentary. We expect a negative review, but we’ll welcome a positive one. Either way, it makes for an engrossing discussion.

6:30 am/pm – Dr Carey’s Baby Care

We produce an educational television series for our local public station that may be of interest for your viewing audience. Dr. Carey a practicing pediatrician, talks with other doctors, experts, and parents about a variety of relevant topics to expectant and new parents.

7:00 am/pm – Drexel Interview

The Drexel Interview TM is a half-hour, original series featuring interesting people and interesting talk. Hosted by best-selling author, critic and Drexel University Distinguished Professor of English Paula Marantz Cohen, each episode features an interview with a noteworthy figure.  Guests reflect a diversity of opinion and background. All are experts in their fields. The show’s host, Paula Marantz Cohen, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of subjects.

7:30 am/pm – Stoler Report

New York City’s only  weekly television show profiling the real estate and business trends in the tri-state region.

8:00 am/pm – Disc Golf

Disc Golf Live is a magazine-style program covering all aspects of the popular sport of “frisbee” or disc golf. Topics include tournament coverage, player profiles, course tours, throwing techniques, even the occasional music video. DGL mixes in-house produced segments with pieces submitted by disc golfers across the country, bringing the full scope of this lifetime sport to viewers.

As a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to its more famous cousin, disc golf is popular with the younger crowd as well as older folks looking for a great way to enjoy some leisure time outdoors.

9:00 am/pm – Green TV

You’re going to love “Green TV.” Viewers watch “Green TV” for people they won’t see anywhere else. “Green TV” is about positive, Green, New-Deal solutions. “Green TV” has Independent Greens, Green Party and Independent candidates for local, state, and federal offices from across the U.S. and around the world. The United States has only four national parties. “Green TV” covers the party that others don’t and tell truth no other show will.