From 10 to 4 (am & pm) DUTV highlights the content produced by our students for their various classes within the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.

Off The Shelf 4:00

Host Veronica Andrews interviews local, national and international authors about their latest books. Veronica’s personable interview style creates rapport with the author while drawing the audience into the conversation with provocative, out-of-the-box interview questions.


Cooking With Kids 5:00

“Cooking and Kids” is family cooking program created to reunite families and communities sharing the love not only for quality food, but also for the enriching experiences attained when children are engaged in the process of bringing that food to the table. Program’s mission is to educate, enable, energize, and engage families to reconnect through a shared passion for healthy food and healthy lifestyles utilizing the natural and community resources available to them.


Footie TV 5:30

“Flootie T.V.” is intended to reach the mainstream art market with a fun and inviting format. We have a worldwide reach of artists and will have interviews and video vignettes from artists around the world. We make fun of ourselves and sometimes the “high brow” art world that can often intimidate the general public. Our intent is to help artists get the word out about who they are as well as the artwork they produce and why they love to create it.


Green TV 6:00

You’re going to love “Green TV.” Viewers watch “Green TV” for people they won’t see anywhere else. “Green TV” is about positive, Green, New-Deal solutions. “Green TV” has Independent Greens, Green Party and Independent candidates for local, state, and federal offices from across the U.S. and around the world. The United States has only four national parties. “Green TV” covers the party that others don’t and tells truth no other show will.


Just Coolin’ 7:00

With the swell and the demand for acid jazz formats on radio, emerges an untapped market ; the Jazz entertainment program called “JUST Coolin”.

This program features clips of past Jazz greats, live club performances, Acid Jazz videos Neo Soul, interviews and Spoken Word. Just Coolin is what we believe will be the next new thing on major cable television.


Local Rock 8:00

Local Rock is a local music show produced in Millbury, Massachusetts where bands perform original music as well as cover other artists. We have had tribute bands, cover bands and bands that write and perform all of their own music.


Off The Map LIVE 9:00

Off the Map LIVE! is broadcast from Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton MA. We broadcast shows, interviews, music concerts, and webinars live every other Sunday and for special events. Past shows have included feature interviews with Guy Aitchison, Alex and Allyson Grey, Jeff Gogue, Bob Tyrrell, Bez, Michele Wortman, Kelly Doty, Markus Lenhard, James Kern, Damon Conklin, Steve Peace, Ian McKown, and many many more.