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From 10 to 4 (am & pm) DUTV highlights the content produced by our students for their various classes within the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.

4:00 am/pm – Just Coolin

With the swell and the demand for acid jazz formats on radio, emerges an untapped market ; the Jazz entertainment program called “JUST Coolin”.

This program features clips of past Jazz greats, live club performances, Acid Jazz videos Neo Soul, interviews and Spoken Word. Just Coolin is what we believe will be the next new thing on major cable television.

5:00 am/pm – Local Rock

Local Rock is a local music show produced in Millbury, Massachusetts where bands perform original music as well as cover other artists. We have had tribute bands, cover bands and bands that write and perform all of their own music.

We hope you will give Local Rock a try, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

6:00 am/pm – Power Station

Christian musicians captured live in outdoor concerts. Each episode intertwines music and musicians testimonies of God’s redemption, deliverance, healing and Joy in their lives.

7:00 am/pm – Chico and the B Man

Nashville up and coming singers, songwriters, bands, etc. from various genres performing original music. Usually 3 performing guests per show. Plus some Chico and Bman stuff. All episodes are free. You are welcome to all.

8:00 am/pm – Dorian P’s Top 10

Dorian P’s Top 10 Countdown is a music entertainment show which features underground music videos, voted into the countdown by show viewers, celebrity appearances and scenes from events across the country.

Dorian P’s Top 10 Countdown creates television programs centered around Hip-Hop/R&B & sports entertainment geared toward the TV14 television viewing audience. We seek to unite dedicated followers of Hip-Hop/R&B, Gospel Hip-Hop, Jazz, Gospel Music, sports entertainment and other traditional African-American genres in an effort to showcase underground music artist. Dorian P’s Top 10 Video Countdown provides a complimentary outlet for artists and labels to showcase their talents!

8:30 am/pm – Tech Throw Back

“Tech Throwback” is a program that features “Techno trends from way back when”. We look at vintage electronics, from old computers to video games to other pieces of old-school tech. It’s the way we would compute and play back in the day!

“Tech Throwback” is hosted by Bill Robert, classic tech enthusiast and host of “Stateside Footy”.

9:00 am/pm – Money Talks

Money Talks is a conversation with host Susan Wornick asking two financial managers questions about financial concerns that people may have in todays world. They address various life issues: divorce, estate, college and financial planning mistakes and choices. The show is an upbeat conversation with a casual feel.