12:00 – Cooking with Kids

“Cooking and Kids” is family cooking program created to reunite families and communities sharing the love not only for quality food, but also for the enriching experiences attained when children are engaged in the process of bringing that food to the table. Program’s mission is to educate, enable, energize, and engage families to reconnect through a shared passion for healthy food and healthy lifestyles utilizing the natural and community resources available to them.


12:30 – The Corner Gallery

“The Corner Gallery” is a 30-minute program that features in-depth interviews with local artists in which they explain their unique style and vision, as well as highlight some of their favorite works. The Corner Gallery is aired locally in St. Charles County, MO by Lindenwood University Television (LUTV), which feeds the county’s educational access programming channel.

1:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


2:00 – The Children’s Corner

Based on “The Slouch In The Couch” series of children’s learning books and hosted by Sheriff Stephen J., the town of “The Children’s Corner” is located in Slouch County, in the World of the Magical Couch (an old west scenario,) where Black Bart’s bumbling gang attempts to cause problems that always end up in failure. Other characters abound such as: the “Letter Chef’s,” who bring a quick cooking segment into the Sheriff’s house, as well as the daily word of interest (spelled and defined in simplistic form to enhance one’s vocabulary,) the Wizards and Fairies of Fantasy Forest and Mr. Dill: the angry green talking pickle, to name a few. Sheriff Stephen J. also goes through the “Wheel of Time” to get to the “World up Above,” where he embarks upon educational trips, such as a trip to visit a couple of retired circus elephants, a beach trip to do some clamming, a ride on a working lobster boat, a trip to a cheese making facility, glass blowing a pumpkin, tapping a maple tree and making maple syrup, learning how guitars and soap are made and a look into different types of music including the original music performed by “The Slouch In The Couch Children’s Corner Band.” The list goes on and on.

3:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


4:00 – Fairy Tale Access

This Award Winning Series is the Place,

Where Kid’s Rule & The Head Fairy Unravels Fairy Tales in Real Time, Rather than Once Upon A Time © Promote Literacy~Festivals~Travel~Expose Bad Guys~It’s Balance

Every show highlights how someone or a storybook character has found, reached, release and/or given Fairy Tale Access to another. The quest for happily-ever-after requires asking more questions.

5:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


6:00 – Hollywood Makeover

Hollywood Makeover is a nineteen part TV series with E/I content for teenagers. The shows were created to help teenagers learn about having a career in the film or broadcast industry. Each show is twenty eight minutes and thirty seconds long. There is no commercial content. Each show interviews a person or persons who are presently working in the film making or media broadcasting industry.

The individual shows are hosted by Rachelle McCray and cover such subjects as: lighting for a film, choosing the right camera for a film, mixing and editing music for a broadcast project, working with actors and actresses, choosing the right location, supplying food for your cast and crew, picking out costumes for characters and distributing your independent film project.


6:30 – A Taste of Theater

This is the show where playwrights come to showcase one scene of their play for the audience. We interview the playwright or the writer to the play to get the inside story as to how the play comes about. We interview the cast members to get their take on the characters they play.

7:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


8:00 – The Drexel Interview

The Drexel Interview TM is a half-hour, original series featuring interesting people and interesting talk. Hosted by best-selling author, critic and Drexel University Distinguished Professor of English Paula Marantz Cohen, each episode features an interview with a noteworthy figure. The Drexel InterView currently airs on over 315 University/ College, PBS, APT, and public stations throughout the US. We have a total of 125, 28-minute episodes featuring interviews with noteworthy figures in art, literature, film, science, business, medicine, and technology. Guests reflect a diversity of opinion and background. All are experts in their fields. 

The show’s host, Paula Marantz Cohen, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of subjects. In addition to her Drexel teaching, she is the author of eight books, including the award-winning Silent Film and the Triumph of the American Myth (Oxford UP) and the best-selling novel, Jane Austen in Boca (St. Martin’s Press). She writes regularly for The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Times Literary Supplement, and The Yale Review, has a bi-weekly column on the online journal,, and is a co-editor of jml: The Journal of Modern Literature.

9:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


10:00 – Peak Moments

Tour a permaculture back yard garden. Visit a tiny home. In each episode of Peak Moment TV, Janaia Donaldson hosts practical grass roots entrepreneurs who are exploring locally reliant lifestyles to meet these challenging times. Peak Moment TV is cross-pollinating the most challenging shift in human history – an energy transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable living.

Topics include local food production, permaculture, sharing, renewable energy, building community, natural building, and economic, psychological, and personal resilience.

11:00 – Drexel Student Showcase

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