12:00 – Baby Blue Art Festival

Baby Blue Arts Presents is a half-hour television music series that features some of the finest musicians around –- and they all happen to be in Minnesota!

Each program showcases a particular musician or musical group. Programs cover many different genres: jazz, classical, blues, folk, world, young artists. While most programs are taped in the CCX Create TV studio, we also film some on location.

The Producers’ goal is to make great music available to a larger audience than many musicians would normally reach. Viewers fortunate enough to have access to this program are treated to a series of free concerts on their television!

1:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


2:00 – Local Rock

Local Rock is a local music show produced in Millbury, Massachusetts where bands perform original music as well as cover other artists. We have had tribute bands, cover bands and bands that write and perform all of their own music.

We hope you will give Local Rock a try, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

3:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


4:00 – The Kamla Show

“The Kamla Show,” features stories about Silicon Valley and the San Francisco bay area.

Guests in the show include entrepreneurs, technologists, filmmakers, artists, writers and others, who contribute towards the vibrant economic and social landscape of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. We have a special series on WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND TECH FROM SILICON VALLEY.


4:30 – BusinessWise

BusinessWise TV is a series of half-hour talk shows that provide the viewer with effective tools of management that were developed by philosopher and educator L. Ron Hubbard. These are tools one can use in their business, in their relationships, and indeed in their lives. BusinessWise TV provides information that puts the viewer in the drivers seat and in control.These management tools are used by businesses the world over.

5:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


6:00 – Sudzin Country

“Sudzin Country” is country and bluegrass music interview shows with a song or two by the artist. There is also a country dance show taped at the Colorado Café in Watchung, N.J.  Some of the shows teach a country dance in the show.

7:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


8:00 – Wake Up and Smell the Poetry

“Wake Up and Smell the Poetry”, a series is for the merging of minds and souls of poets, musicians and other performing artists.

We provide a forum for talented writers and performing artists to share their words and get people awakened and excited about the diversity of voices, perspectives and insights expressed through the art form of poetry, song and spoken word.

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8:30 – Yoga for Health and Joy

Yoga is the BEST health tonic for people of any size, shape, or age. As long as you can breathe, you can do yoga by connecting with your inhales and exhales. Practice along to create greater flexibility, mobility, strength and stamina in your body, mind, and spirit.

9:00 – Drexel Student Showcase


10:00 – The Chico & BMan Show

The Chico and Bman Show is a Nashville music variety show hosted by Chico and Bman. They open every show with a brief dialogue skit and then the performers perform.

There are usually between 4 – 6 performances by 2 -3 performing acts. Some of the acts are well know successes. Many are working on becoming known. All are talented. Many have found success after appearing on our show.

Mostly the acts are singers,groups, musicians, and singer/songwriters. Almost all of the music performed is original and all types of music is welcomed. It just has to be good.


10:30 – Dorian Ps Top 10 Countdown

Dorian P’s Top 10 Countdown is a music entertainment show which features underground music videos, voted into the countdown by show viewers, celebrity appearances and scenes from events across the country.


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