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From 10am to 4pm, and again from 11pm to 4am, DUTV highlights the content produced by our students for their various classes within the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.

4:00 am/pm – Sci-Fi Journal

Sci-Fi Journal is an award-winning Rhode Island public access cable TV show covering many aspects of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Sci-Fi Journal won the Best Magazine-Format/News program for 2012 at the RI PEG Awards on November 16, 2012, and was also nominated in the Best Edited Segment category.

Frequent segments include news and trailers for movies, television shows, video games, as well as news on Blu-ray/DVD releases, Anime, Gaming, Comics, and Collectibles, as well as reporting from events such as conventions, and other local happenings. Plus, there are interviews with favorite authors, artists, publishers, convention coverage, round-table discussions, and cool Internet movies, movie trailers, and more.

5:00 am/pm – 30 Odd Minutes

30 Odd Minutes brings you a unique look at all aspects of the paranormal including ghosts, UFOs, ancient mysteries, psychic phenomena, conspiracies, cryptozoology, legends, and magick. Recorded LIVE aboard the Mother Ship — a vehicle that crosses time and space, host/Captain Jeff Belanger and the 30 Odd Crew take a light-hearted approach and offer live interviews with experts from all over the world who bring visual and audio evidence of the paranormal. If the truth is out there… we will find it… but only by sheer accident.

6:00 am/pm – Cosmic Cafe

The Cosmic Cafe Show, where the paranormal is normal. We are objective in talking with experts about the hottest paranormal topics including: UFOs, Aliens, Abductions, Big Foot, Possessions, Hauntings and other related topics.

7:00 am/pm – Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a monthly half-hour series about the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It features interviews with professionals in the speculative fiction genres; past guests have included authors, artists, editors, and filmmakers. Most episodes also include a book review and anime or other genre media review.

8:00 am/pm – DUTV Featured Program (or Humble Farmer)

The humble Farmer is an upbeat radio program filmed in front of a video camera by 32-year Public Radio veteran, Robert Skoglund. The show usually consists of 10 musical selections from the 1920s and 1930s with a tightly-scripted 30-second to 4-minute humorous comment sandwiched in between each selection.

This is not a program about farming. humble, who has a graduate degree in linguistics from The University of Rochester, is likely to deliver up a humorous and informative slant on fireworks, marriage, or solar power.

9:00 am/pm – Taste of Theater

This is the show where playwrights come to showcase one scene of their play for the audience. We interview the playwright or the writer to the play to get the inside story as to how the play comes about. We interview the cast members to get their take on the characters they play.

We give the playwright the opportunity to tell us what message he or she is trying to convey in the play. Then the actors perform one scene of the play.


10am/pm – Mad Dragon Sessions

The student run MAD Dragon Media developed MAD Dragon Sessions, as an innovative way to easily bring musicians travelling into the Philadelphia area, and record the artists in a professional studio, bridging excellent sound and video recordings. MAD Dragon Sessions brings the energy and persona of a live performance together, and offers artists inexpensive accessibility to a quality live music video content. These sessions are unique in that Music Business and Music Tech students run MAD Dragon Sessions – coordinating the scheduling, recording, and marketing of these live music sessions.