Inside Ambition – Global Citizenship, Empowered Voices, and Sustainability.

Inside Ambition – 2021 – Episode 11

Drexel Update: This week host Eva Elizabeth Kraus and Adam Zahn (Director in the Office of Global Engagement at Drexel University) discuss what is means to be a global citizen and how we can become better global citizens — even in a pandemic world.

34th & Art: No Cis Men show is exactly what it sounds like. A senior project created by EAM student Isabella Raposa, highlights the voices of non cis-gendered men.

Thunder Index: On this episode of Thunder Index, we finally break down what sustainability actually is! Learn more about fossil fuels, COVID reports on campus, and our newest addition: Cloud of the Week! Tune in next week for more science, storms, stars and sustainability. It’s always thundering in Philadelphia!

Drexel Update: Promoting Sustainable Solutions at Drexel and Abroad with Engineers Without Borders

Emily talks with Jillian Saunders, President of Drexel Engineers Without Borders, about the student organization’s work on campus, in Philly, and abroad for sustainability. They apply what they learn in the classroom and bring it to real-world projects. You can learn more about Engineers

With Borders on their website,

Drexel Update: Promoting Female Engineering Equality with Drexel’s I Am ME

Today Eva interviews Daniella Jose, the president and founder of Drexel’s I Am ME. This student organization’s role is to increase equality and visibility of female engineers in the workplace.

Through their meetings, I Am ME provides resources for female engineers to learn about advocating for themselves and putting their best foot forward.

If you want to learn more about this group you can follow them on Instagram @i_am_me_drexel

Inside Ambition – Sculptures, Aries Season, Suez, and More!

Inside Ambition – 2021 – Episode 10

On this episode of Inside Ambition:

34th & Art :Last quarter sculptures were a huge hit, so, here’s some more Drexel sculptures for your viewing pleasure!

Thunder Index: Paige returns with your weekly Thunder Index, where we discuss all things science, storms, stars and sustainability. It’s Aries season! Paige gives us all the details on what it means to be an Aries, the good, bad, and the ugly. We’ll also look at Drexel’s Covid numbers, the weekly weather report, and ways to be sustainable when it comes to snacking!

Main Report: On this episode of the Main Report, Gabby talks about the cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal, Drexel opening a Cannabis research center, Rutgers University requiring students to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and MORE.