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DUTV Youtube Channel

Right now you can watch episodes of:

Inside Ambition – The casual Drexel based news program hosted by Alexandra George.

CoffeeTime – Film connoisseurs Matt and Jay take a coffee (or tea) break on the couch to discuss their latest movie watching experiences.

Off Campus – “OFF CAMPUS” features the adventures and misadventures of recent college graduates and roommates Claire, Dean, Felix, Hailey and Nick. The series explores the lives of five recent college graduates.

Not Another Poetry Show – Poems are meant to be experienced not explained, so kickback and enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole with your host and cordial guide Dr. Don Riggs.

COVID-Stories: An RA with an International Co-op

Gabrielle Brizzi had been looking forward to her dual country co-op, especially since she has been in classes for six straight terms, and this is the only co-op her plan of study offers her. However, due to COVID-19 it as cancelled. She was also forced to find new housing as she was an RA, and the university no longer required RAs due to the pandemic.

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