Mad Dragon Sessions

MAD Dragon Sessions 

The student run MAD Dragon Media developed MAD Dragon Sessions, as an innovative way to easily bring musicians travelling into the Philadelphia area, and record the artists in a professional studio, bridging excellent sound and video recordings. MAD Dragon Sessions brings the energy and persona of a live performance together, and offers artists inexpensive accessibility to a quality live music video content. These sessions are unique in that Music Business and Music Tech students run MAD Dragon Sessions – coordinating the scheduling, recording, and marketing of these live music sessions.

Recorded live from Studio A, which is the proprietary recording studio of Drexel University’s Music Industry Program, the audio sessions are then broadcast by Drexel’s radio station, WKDU. Both the audio and video are broadcast over Drexel University TV (DUTV).

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MAD Dragon Sessions are a great source for new music discovery that will serve the local Philadelphia music scene, and well as attract bands from near and far. The Sessions serve as a seamless experience for bands and artists who wish to stop by and have an intimate musical experience within a student run university environment.

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