Have a story to tell?

Let us help you tell it…on Drexel University’s television station DUTV.

We’re looking for motivated Drexel students to serve as segment producers and on-air talent for the monthly magazine show – DNews.

Participating students will train with university faculty to learn about video journalism, editorial judgment, and overall presentation of show segments.

Students will then put their skills to work along with Drexel Film and Television majors to create video segments, acting as both producers and as on-air talent as needed.

If you are interested in telling stories about your organization or perhaps becoming a producer/writer telling other people’s stories, send us an email using the link below.  We will periodically hold meetings for new members. By emailing us we’ll be sure to

contact you when the next such opportunity arises.

Students Interested in working on DNews should contact Andrew Altrichter at altricaj@drexel.edu.  Include your name, email, and telephone number.

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