Drexel Originals

Join movie reviewers Matt Munroe and Jay Wahla on their weekly coffee (and sometimes tea) break on the couch. New movies, old movies, and even television shows make the rounds during Coffee Time. Come relax with us!

Dnews is Drexel University’s award winning news magazine show. Each story is produced, shot and edited by the students in the Dnews production class. Find out more!

Lord Macaulay is quoted as saying, “As civilization advances, poetry almost necessarily declines”. Well, then as civilization declines poetry must become a necessity! Let’s find out with Not Another Poetry Show.

Follow along with host Dean Paula Marantz Cohen as she discuses a wide arrange of topics dealing with arts, culture, science, business, education, and social justice on the Drexel Interview.

Off Campus is a Drexel produced sitcom dealing with life just on the other side of graduation. The show is entirely created by Drexel Film and television students as part of their education. Time to move off campus!

MAD Dragon Sessions are a great source for new music discovery that will serve the local Philadelphia music scene, and well as attract bands from near and far.  Take a listen!

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