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34th & Art: Dance on Film

Drexel Dance Ensemble has worked around the inability to be inside a theatre all together. The Dance on Film Concert showcases Drexel Dancers and Philadelphia Choreogrphers dancing while staying socially distanced.

Stream the film on Thursday, May 20th at 7pm or watch the event live outside around Drexel’s campus the weekend of June 3rd.

Information about The Dance on Film Concert:

Information about Sites of Dance:

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Edited by Samantha McNemar Written by Lizzy Friedman, Emily McAndrews, & Cat Brady

Inside Ambition – Inside Look, Drexel Update, and a double does of 34th & Art.

Inside Ambition – 2021 – Episode 11

00:09 – Inside Look with Alexandra George
13:02 – 34th & Art with Lizzy Friedman (1st Segment)
17:56 – Drexel Update with Emily McAndrews
30:20 – 34th & Art with Lizzy Friedman (2nd Segment)

Inside Look: The Other Pandemic Alex takes a look at the repetitive treatment of sexual assault/harassment in our society and how this behavior carries over to college campuses.

34th & Art: Oat No You Don’t Mess With Philly Street Art After a failed attempt to market their new oat milk, Minor Figures faced some serious backlash around the Philly art community.

Drexel Update: Making Change On Campus With Student Body President-Elect Jarod Watson. Emily McAndrews sits down with Student Body President-Elect Jarod Watson. They discuss how he plans on leading USGA this upcoming year on certain initiatives, as well as reflects on his experience with student government during his time at Drexel.

34th & Art: Women in Music Business are a Dime (+ Dog) a Dozen Lizzy sits down with the ladies behind Dime + Dog Records, the first ever fully female operated record label to come out of Drexel. These 5 sophomores are ready to rock the music industry. Find them on Instagram @dimeanddogrecords

Inside Ambition – Global Citizenship, Empowered Voices, and Sustainability.

Inside Ambition – 2021 – Episode 11

Drexel Update: This week host Eva Elizabeth Kraus and Adam Zahn (Director in the Office of Global Engagement at Drexel University) discuss what is means to be a global citizen and how we can become better global citizens — even in a pandemic world.

34th & Art: No Cis Men show is exactly what it sounds like. A senior project created by EAM student Isabella Raposa, highlights the voices of non cis-gendered men.

Thunder Index: On this episode of Thunder Index, we finally break down what sustainability actually is! Learn more about fossil fuels, COVID reports on campus, and our newest addition: Cloud of the Week! Tune in next week for more science, storms, stars and sustainability. It’s always thundering in Philadelphia!