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Main Report: Stimulus Check Yourself Before You Stimulus Wreck Yourself

On this week’s episode of the Main Report, Gabby breaks down President Biden’s American Rescue plan, a Callowhill park being made specifically for the homeless population, oil cleanups in Philly, a Philadelphian selling cheesesteaks to get his mom to the Great Pyramids, and Drexel’s basketball wins! Straight up awesome news coming out of the LAST episode of winter term!

The Main Report: Reform, Rebound, & Resources (Oh My!)

On this episode of the Main Report, Gabby talks about how Denver, Colorado has reformed their police force, Philadelphia has rebounded since the Philly Fighting Covid fiasco, and how Drexel University is using their resources to give back. Oh my!

Producers: Gabrielle Remo, Joseph McIntyre Writers: Olga Hernandez, Finn Holovacs, and Gabrielle Remo Editor: Michael Singleton