Inside Ambition – Julia Farley, Summer Activities, & Drexel eSports.

Inside Ambition – 2021 – Episode 14

Drexel Update: Emily sits down with 2021 Drexel graduate Julia Farley. She is an Animation & Visual Effects major graduating this week. Julia reflects on her time at Drexel and the impact of COVID-19 on the college experience.

Julia’s senior project, ‘Light Years Apart’, can be found on the Team Spacecamp YouTube page.

34th & Art: It’s Summer! That means long days, warm nights, and no school! (unless you go to Drexel) Here’s what the 34th & Art team are watching, reading, and listening to this Summer break to pass the time.

Drexel Update: Ava sits down with Dr. Jeffrey Levine, a professor at Lebow and the leader of Drexel’s brand new eSports business program. Stay tuned to learn more about the booming industry of eSports, COVID, and about what this new major has to offer! If you have any further questions about the eSports program, you can reach Dr. Levine at his email:

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