Inside Ambition – EPA, Drexel Dance, & Latinos for a United Campus.

Inside Ambition – 2021 – Episode 13

00:09 – Thunder Index with Paige DeAngelo
07:27 – 34th & Art with Lizzy Friedman
23:44 – Drexel Update with Emily McAndrews

Thunder Index:This is the 3rd and final episode of our sustainability series this term! We’re talking about the history of the Environmental Protection Agency and who was involved in its creation. Plus, stick around to the end to catch a glimpse of some wild mountain clouds!

34th & Art : Drexel Dance Ensemble has worked around the inability to be inside a theatre all together. The Dance on Film Concert showcases Drexel Dancers and Philadelphia Choreogrphers dancing while staying socially distanced. Stream the film on Thursday, May 20th at 7pm or watch the event live outside around Drexel’s campus the weekend of June 3rd.

Drexel Update: This week, Emily talks with Luis Benitez, the President of Latinos for a United Campus. This organization is dedicated to Latino representation and inclusion on campus. For more information about Latinos for a United Campus, follow them on Instagram @lucdrexel

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