34th & Art: Dance on Film

Drexel Dance Ensemble has worked around the inability to be inside a theatre all together. The Dance on Film Concert showcases Drexel Dancers and Philadelphia Choreogrphers dancing while staying socially distanced.

Stream the film on Thursday, May 20th at 7pm or watch the event live outside around Drexel’s campus the weekend of June 3rd.

Information about The Dance on Film Concert: https://drexel.edu/westphal/news-events/events/details/?eid=33215&iid=88131

Information about Sites of Dance: https://drexel.edu/performingarts/performances-events/upcoming-events/details/?eid=30800&iid=82041

At the Pass Podcast on IG @atthepasspodcast

Edited by Samantha McNemar Written by Lizzy Friedman, Emily McAndrews, & Cat Brady

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