Inside Ambition – Global Citizenship, Empowered Voices, and Sustainability.

Inside Ambition – 2021 – Episode 11

Drexel Update: This week host Eva Elizabeth Kraus and Adam Zahn (Director in the Office of Global Engagement at Drexel University) discuss what is means to be a global citizen and how we can become better global citizens — even in a pandemic world.

34th & Art: No Cis Men show is exactly what it sounds like. A senior project created by EAM student Isabella Raposa, highlights the voices of non cis-gendered men.

Thunder Index: On this episode of Thunder Index, we finally break down what sustainability actually is! Learn more about fossil fuels, COVID reports on campus, and our newest addition: Cloud of the Week! Tune in next week for more science, storms, stars and sustainability. It’s always thundering in Philadelphia!

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