Inside Ambition – 2021 – Episode 7

Inside Look: Inside Ambition has recently received a letter from several concerned Drexel staff, criticizing Drexel’s reaction to the PFC scandal. Alex discusses how the letter calls for Drexel to reimagine its ever-pervasive “Ambition Can’t Wait” slogan and make a stronger commitment to community engagement and ethical values.

Thunder Index: Paige returns with your weekly Thunder Index, where we discuss all things science, storms, stars and sustainability. Aquarius is now in the rear view mirror and it’s forward to Pisces! We’ll look at Philadelphia’s Covid numbers and get an update from USGA. And, of course, we’ll have Paige’s Plant of the Week!

Drexel Update: Host Emily McAndrews talks with second-year Resident A Ethan Hermann about the changes of dorm life on campus.

Main Report: On this week’s episode of the Main Report and Gabby talks about the Fred Meyers in Portland and a wildly racist hoagie spot in Philadelphia. Gabby also dives into former President Trump’s “Philly-delphia” lawyer, and Drexel’s USGA tuition freeze proposal.

DAC Recap: Welcome to spring. Yes I know that spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th and Drexel spring term isn’t until the 29th of March. However in terms of sports spring has sprung. The weather is getting warmer, games are starting to be played outside and baseball players are training.

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