Inside Ambition – 2021 – Episode 6

On this full episode of Inside Ambition:
00:09​ “34th & Art” with Lizzy Friedman
18:15 “Thunder Index” with Paige DeAngelo
25:20 “DAC Recap” with Luciano Duffy
34:02 “Drexel Update” with Eva Kraus
39:43 “Main Report” with Gabby Remo

34th & Art: South Philly’s own Theatre Exile brings “Sin Eaters” to life virtually. Starring Bi Jean Ngo and David M. Raine, the story tells us about the human condition through the life of a content moderator and how the work effects her everyday life.

Thunder Index: Paige returns with your weekly Thunder Index, where we discuss all things science, storms, stars and sustainability. This year, the year 4719, is the year of the Oxen! We’ll dive into what that means for you. We’ll look at Philadelphia’s Covid numbers and discuss plans to reopen restaurants with a limited capacity.

DAC Recap: Drexel shortened seasons are already coming to a close. The Flyers look to get back on the ice soon. The 76ers had a rough road stretch.

Drexel Update: Host Eva Elizabeth Kraus interviews Meghan Wickersham, team captain of the Drexel Dance Team.

Main Report: On this week’s edition of the Main Report, Gabby talks about Trump’s second impeachment, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Billie Eilish’s Philly photographer, and intelligent spinach!

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