DUTV is Shutting Down

It’s the end of an educational television era as Drexel University Television is going off the air. We want to thank all of our viewers, student workers / volunteers, staff and everyone else that made DUTV an amazing place for community focused media over the years.

Inside Ambition, the student created news program, will continue to operate as an independent organization. Please support their work and efforts by following them at:




What does it take to get some recognition around here?!?

Welcome to the Involvement Fair, full of students and student orgs! Ava talked to lots of student orgs; Here’s what they had to say about campus engagement, funding from the school, and becoming a recognized organization here at Drexel.

Edited by: Anoush Kojouri
Written by: Ava Kataria
Graphics by: Sara Balsamo Laura Rendon-Garcia Ethan Carhuapoma
Produced by: Andrew Altricher

Coffee Time with Matt & Jay – The Batman

Matt and Jay stalk the dark streets of Gotham to unmask “The Batman” in their latest review.

CoffeeTime is produced at Drexel University Television (DUTV), a Department of the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design.

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Interview with Brooklyn Leon – Raising Awareness of Sexual Assault at Drexel University

Brooklyn Leon is a Drexel varsity cheerleader and an advocate for sexual assault awareness and victims at Drexel. Having recently come forward with her story, Brooklyn has plans to organize an awareness march and calls for better staffing and handling of these cases at Drexel. Stay tuned to hear more details going forward! You can follow Brooklyn Leon on Instagram @brook.leon.